Don't just watch your favorite players, invest in them!
The only performance based sports stock market where you can buy and sell shares of your favorite athletes with real money.
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How To Play
Deposit Funds
Create an account and use your credit card to deposit funds.
Watch the market
The market behaves like a typical stock market. A player's typical value changes based on how they perform relative to their fantasy projection. For example, if a player earns fantasy points higher than their projection for that game, their share value goes up.
Make a trade
Buy and sell shares in a player when you think the time is right. Your return is based on how well they perform and when you decide to sell.
Cash out at any time
Frequently Asked Questions
"Trading" refers to the buying and selling of your "shares" of players. Who are you trading with? You are trading with PredictionStrike as the house, which means you don't need a buyer or seller to execute your desired trade -- you can trade anytime you want to. Other common functions of stock trading such as options, futures, and shorts are not available in the game at this time.