Invest In Your Favorite Players
The only performance based sports stock market where you can buy & sell shares of professional athletes as if they were stocks.
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How To Invest.
How To Play
1. Sign up
Create an account with your email address. Use a friend's referral code and you will both receive $10 after your first deposit of $20 or more.
2. Deposit Funds
Use your credit card to add money to your PredictionStrike account anytime you want via the My Account page.
3. Invest In Players
Buy and hold "shares" of your favorite players just like you would real stocks. Find players to invest in using the NFL or NBA Lobby pages, or the search bar above.
4. Watch Your Investment Grow
The value of players will change based upon game performance. If a player beats their fantasy projection (indicated on their player page) for a game, the stock price will increase and if they miss their projection for a game, the price will decrease. The increase/decrease is proportional to how much the player beats/misses their expectation by.
5. Buy And Sell
Trade your "shares" of players at any time, as long as the player isn't currently in a game. Conduct trades from the portfolio page or the individual player's page.
6. Cash Out
At any time you can cash out up to the amount in your account balance via the My Account page. You will be paid via PayPal within 5 business days.
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What does "trading" actually mean?
"Trading" refers to the buying and selling of your "shares" of players. Who are you trading with? You are trading with PredictionStrike as the house, which means you don't need a buyer or seller to execute your desired trade -- you can trade anytime you want to. Other common functions of stock trading such as options, futures, and shorts are not available in the game at this time.
We are intially starting with NFL football and NBA basketball. Eventually we will expand to the MLB, NHL, and whichever other sports receive significant interest.
We use the professional fantasy predictions to set the initial price for each player as well as each player's expectations per game. The stock price will change based upon how much the player outperforms or underperforms their fantasy expectation for the game. Anytime shares of a player are bought or sold, the price will change to reflect the changing demand of that player.
Nothing will happen immediately. However, an injured player will likely miss their expectations for the game they were injured in or their next game. At that point, the player's value will decrease based on their missed expectations. Furthermore, should other players sell their shares of the injured player, the price will decrease to reflect their reduced demand. So, remember, buy low and sell high.
If a player retires, the shares of that player will be automatically sold and the corresponding value added to the accounts of all users who currently hold shares of that player.
This game has no set end or start date, so pay attention to off season news. However, users will be able to add money or cash out anytime they want.
Your money will be processed by Square and held by PredictionStrike, Inc. Your current account balance will be shown in your PredictionStrike account.
Users may cash out at anytime they want. You will be paid via PayPal within 5 business days. The money will come from PredictionStrike, Inc.