How it works 📋

What does "trading" actually mean?
"Trading" refers to the buying and selling of your "shares" of players. Who are you trading with? You are trading with PredictionStrike as the house, which means you don't need a buyer or seller to execute your desired trade -- you can trade anytime you want to.
Which sports are supported?
We currently support NFL football and NBA basketball. We will also be adding UFC in November. After that, we will expand to MLB baseball, international soccer, and whichever other sports users are interested in.
How do I get started?
Go to the account page and add money to your account using a credit/debit card. From there search for your favorite players. Buy some shares and start building your portfolio!
Do all players change price in the same way?
No. NFL Players projected < 5 fantasy points (PPR) and NBA players projected <15 fantasy points do not move based upon in game performance. They will, however, move based upon supply and demand.
How do share prices move?
Prices move based upon how an athlete performs relative to their fantasy projections. If a player beats their projection their share price will increase. If they miss their projection, their share price will decrease. Factors such as injuries and playing time are also included in this calculation. Additionally, if enough shares of a player are purchased, that will increase the stock price. Similarly, if enough shares of a player are sold, that will decrease the stock price. More specifically, for every 100 shares purchased (or fraction thereof) the share price will increase 1% and for every 100 shares sold (or fraction thereof), the share price will decrease 1%.
How are fantasy projections set?
Our projections are set by our data provider, SportsData.IO. Those projections are constantly updated until game time.
How are player fantasy points calculated?
NFL fantasy points are calculated based upon standard PPR +1 scoring. NBA fantasy points are calculated by our data provider according to their formula. The formula is as follows: Three Point Field Goals: 3 points Two Point Field Goals: 2 points Free Throws Made: 1 point Rebounds: 1.2 points Assists: 1.5 points Blocked Shots: 2 points Steals: 2 points Turnovers: -1 points
Are there fees associated with trading?
Yes, but we have made it our mission to provide users with the lowest fees in sports. FanDuel charges users a 12% fee, DraftKings an 8% fee, and NBA TopShot a 5% fee, while we only charge a 2.5% fee per trade.
Are there any limits on price movement?
The most an NFL player's share price can increase in one game is double their original price. The most an NBA player's share price can increase in one game is 50% their original price.
What happens if a player is injured?
If a player is injured during a game, their share price will change according to the fantasy points they scored in the game until the injury occurred. If a player is listed as injured before a game, that game will not affect their share price.
Can a share price go to $0.00?
Yes. In the case where a player's share price goes to $0.00, that player will be reset to $1.00 and all users who hold shares of that player will have those shares swept.
How long will the game last?
PredictionStrike will last forever. Users are free to trade on the platform on all players year round.
How do I get paid?
Users are free to cash out at any time. When users cash out they are paid via PayPal.
Where is my money actually held?
Your money is held in a US bank account registered to PredictionStrike, Inc.
Are there fees associated with cashouts?
We charge a 3% cashout fee to help offset the cost that we incur from user deposits and cashouts.
Is this gambling or daily fantasy sports?
PredictionStrike is neither gambling nor daily fantasy sports since we don't use an all or nothing model.
What happens if a player retires?
If a player retires, users will be able to continue trading shares of that player, however the share price will only move according to trading volume.
Have additional questions?
Reach out to us at and we will get back to you as soon as possible.